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TAU PEDALS is a modernized and extended version of PRIME PEDALS. Apart from the design changes, one of the most important changes that was introduced in the TAU version is the ability to save as many as four driving profiles of your choice. All this contributed to the creation of pedals that will undoubtedly solve a number of problems in modern simracing.


The pedal set is equipped with the DIRECT CONTROLER V2, is the HMI control panel responsible for TAU PEDALS software. The most important advantage of the panel that distinguishes the controller from similar products (accessories) is the fact that it does not require any additional application. It is itself the software necessary to change the settings of all the characteristic parameters of the pedals that affect the game. The main assumption of the DCV2 is to obtain the greatest possible realism of driving while playing. To implement and make this concept realistic, elements such as pedal mapping and setting dead zones have been used. What is more, DCV2 software has been extended with the ability to save any four profiles of pedal settings. Therefore, changing the surface or bad weather conditions will never be a problem again, as the driving profile can be changed without leaving the game. All you have to do is change your profile with one click.

Direct Controler V2 - main page

Direct Controler V2 - mapping page

The pedal work mechanism is based on the change of pressure in the piston, which makes it a candidate for a group of innovative solutions in the category of simracing pedals. Compared to pedals based on load-cell, TAU PEDALS give you a real driving experience. This effect is particularly noticeable in the brake, thanks to the additional use of an appropriate combination of pressure springs. The realism of driving simracing pedals has never been so achieved.

Characteristics of pedals

To illustrate the characteristics of the pedals, graphs of the dependence of the displacement on the pressure force have been prepared. These graphs also confirm the main advantage of the Tau Pedals, which is the realism of driving.


A wide range of adjustments has been designed with the widest possible group of customers in mind to meet their needs to adjust the pedals to their individual requirements. The adjustment range includes: changing bumpers and the angle of the pedal lever; changing the position of the compression spring; adjustment of the compression spring with the knurled knob; repositioning the piston; repositioning the piston base; changing the position of the foot pedal, as well as the adjustment of the entire clutch mechanism.
Tau pedals are made of stainless steel which has undergone appropriate processing techniques, making them pedals for years.

Triple set price 869 €


Double set price 699 €


Clutch price 199 €



Buy it clutch for a double set.


Simracing Accessories
Tau Pedals Basis is made of appropriately profiled 3mm steel, making it a stable base for mounting the pedals. In addition, it has a wide range of adjustments, taking into account the angle of inclination of the pedals.

TAU PEDALS BASIS has two mounting options, as a result it will adapt to most rigs.

First option

Second option



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