The main problem is that the game controller is not being detected by the computer system
1. Download the driver file from link below.
2. Extract the contents of the downloaded file to the desktop.
3.Open the extracted folder. Select the "STEP 1- drivers" folder.
4. Right-click on the "dpinst-amd64" icon (or "dpinst-x86" depending on your CPU), and then select "Run as administrator" (do not connect the USB cable of the pedals driver to the computer).
5. Follow the installation wizard, agreeing to make changes to the system.
6. After installation connect the USB cable of the pedals to the computer and go back to the "PRIME PEDALS" folder and open the "STEP 2- upload" folder. If possible, disconnect other game controllers from the computer.
7. Right click, select "UPLOAD" file and "Run as administrator".
8. After starting the program, an installation window should appear, which will automatically disappear after proper installation. 
It is possible to do this step again when the driver is still not detected.
9. After completing the above steps, the controller should be visible by the system.
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